Welcome to the Obol Ambassador Program, and thank you for your interest! In this handbook, you will find all the details about the program. For any questions, please connect w/ us in our Discord.



The purpose of the Obol Ambassador Program is to help scale the ability for the project to further its mission to secure, scale, and decentralize proof-of-stake blockchains, with the initial goal of bringing Distributed Validator Technology (DVT) to Ethereum.

The goals of the Obol Ambassador Program are as follows:

The Obol Ambassador Program will help to achieve these goals by creating incentives for the following activities:

  1. Testnet participation & technology evangelism
  2. Community education, moderation, and growth
  3. Localization and regional engagement

General Structure

The Obol Ambassador Program is designed to attract, engage, and promote people who will meaningfully contribute to the long-term mission of securing, scaling, and decentralizing proof-of-stake blockchains. Ambassadorship will be earned through performing valuable activities to the project such as educating others about DVT, growing the Obol community, or furthering DVT adoption.

The Obol Ambassador Program will incentivize participation through opportunities for ambassadors to build experience, knowledge, and their personal brand.

Currently, there will be no direct monetary incentives.

There will be two levels of ambassadors: Junior Ambassadors and Senior Ambassadors. Senior ambassadors will be granted more influence on the future direction of the program (the ambassador program will progressively decentralize over time) and opportunities, but require more effort to earn (and come with more responsibilities).

Disclaimer: Ambassadorship IS NOT a promise of current or future employment with Obol Labs in any way.

Earning Ambassadorship

Obol Network Credentials will be given for activities that are deemed meaningful. Initially, activities will be determined by the Obol Team. You can see the full list of Obol Network Credentials here on the Obol Network Galxe Space.